Dear Friends,
2019 marks a milestone for Lucullus. We have been 35 years on Chartres Street in the Vieux Carré and had 35 years of pleasure in knowing you and so many other avid collectors who have supported our very unusual twist on the antiques business.
After a lot of brainstorming among our whole staff we have decided:  LUCULLUS IS MOVING!
Moving from the French Quarter and moving in new and different directions.
We are working out the details, but we will definitely be putting much of our energy into the design component of the business. DECORATIONS LUCULLUS will be one of the key continuations of our style and quality.
We also hope to use our Bywater warehouse for periodic, curated sales of fresh, unique and stylish antiques tailored to contemporary tastes and environments. For our tech friends we plan to expand our convenient on-line presence.
In the meantime, we are ready for a new start. We will begin by having a complete unrestricted pre-moving sale of the entire contents of the store until the 4th of April. To facilitate our move, we want to invite you to buy anything you may have been longing for at attractively reduced prices.
After that we have asked our friends Mary Hines and Gail Bergin of H&H Estate Sales to take over the reins for a few furious days of selling.  We will be banished from the premises and they will do what they do best, the way they do best!
Please check our Instagram and Facebook @lucullusantiques and #LifeIsBetterWithAntiques as well as our website: for updated information. Also, be sure to follow H&H’s bulletins.
The Staff and I want to genuinely and profoundly thank every one of you that has been part of this amazing three and a half decades of fun and fabulousity.
Patrick Dunne
Kerry Moody
Michele Bray
Warren Wilfrid
Rebecca Albert
Nathan Drewes
Jerry Teel

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